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Ways to improve your office environment

It is no secret that a good workplace environment has significant benefits for people across all levels of a business, from increased productivity, increased employee engagement, reduced absence levels and increased mental wellbeing. At 11 Waterloo Place we are firm believers that happy workers are hard workers. But how exactly can we achieve this? Here are our favourite tips for making your business a better place to work. 

Build a strong company culture and own your values 

Core values define what a company is about and what it stands for. Building a business with inspirational values shapes your business vision and unite workers, focussing employees around shared objectives. 

Choose the right furniture 

Appropriate furniture and desk space are essential for office workers sitting down most of the day. Keeping your employees comfortable and ensuring they have the correct furniture designed to support healthy posture and prevent strains or injuries is crucial to employee wellbeing within the workplace. 

Show support and appreciation 

Giving staff the recognition they deserve and making sure they know they are doing a good job is a great boost of morale and encouragement. Whether this be just a simple thank you, positive feedback on a one-to-one basis, or even awards and bonuses. As well as recognition, providing them with the support they need - whether that be personal development, mental wellbeing or effective and proper management - is an important part of office life. When people are receiving support and encouragement from a business, they are more likely to work harder and be happier as a result. 

Promote a clean and organised office space 

Every office should be kept clean, tidy, and organised. Not only to give a good impression to clients, but studies show that cluttered and unorganised environments are distracting and less productive, which can cost a business valuable man hours. Try encouraging staff at the end of every week to take a break to sanitize their desk and office space, wipe down keyboard, phones, mouse or any other appliance that may be carrying any germs or bacteria. A clean environment will make you feel healthier and more energized. 

Get to know your co-workers 

Getting to know the people you surround yourself with day to day is vital for developing strong relationships, improving trust, and making it easier for a team to collaborate on tasks and projects. It will also increase confidence, making people feel more able to contribute to tasks, voice their opinion in meetings or bring new ideas to the table. Ways to encourage team building may be allowing half an hour each week for staff to meet for a coffee and a chat, or simply going to see the colleague you have a question for rather than emailing or phoning them. 

Choose your surroundings carefully 

When considering relocating or opening a new office, it is tempting to look mainly at cost, however your physical workspace greatly impacts employee’s morale and productivity. When choosing an office, there are multiple items to take into consideration such as proximity to local facilities such as shops and restaurants, parking facilities and accessibility for both staff and visitors, as well as the overall space and interior of the building. Your office is the physical embodiment of your company which portrays your business’s identity and brand to the outside world. 

If you are in search of a new, modern office space to help your business grow, call us today.  

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