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Starting 2023 off right with six new year’s resolutions for the workplace

Work forms a major part of adult life; it is said that the average person spends around one-third of their entire life working. As much as we love setting those personal resolutions, have you ever considered the benefit of professional resolutions? 

At 11 Waterloo Place, we believe a new year’s resolution is a way to push yourself to continually innovate, improve, and develop. So, we have put together six beneficial and achievable workplace resolutions to boost both your business and yourself. 

Attend more professional events 

Networking unites business professionals to share and grow knowledge. It plays a crucial role in growing brand awareness and provides the perfect opportunity to build relationships that your company may benefit from in the future. 

There are many varieties of networking events in several different formats including industry-specific events, webinars, workshops, breakfast meets, speed networking to name a few. Start the year off right by booking yourself into a networking event this January. 

Curate your newsfeed 

Taking the time to curate your news feed can be of greater use than some may think. Let’s talk about LinkedIn – the largest professional network on the internet. Start by following all the people, sources and businesses that will bring you both industry and business knowledge as well as inspiration. Consider their role titles, locations, industries, morals, interests, make a clear focus of the type of people you want on your newsfeed.  

Once you have curated your newsfeed, utilise this. Comment on things that are relevant to your brand; be strategic about your actions. This platform is there for both business and personal development, so post, share and interact. You may find some of these creators have their own blogs and newsletters, which when subscribed to, bring insight straight to your inbox. 

Find the perfect office space for you 

Being in the office allows you to broaden your knowledge and to foster connection, engagement, and collaboration. The office environment aids the support of professional development, and this is why it is so important to make sure you find the right space for you. 

11 Waterloo Place provides an efficient, high-quality, and beneficial service for its tenants. We have designed our office space to enhance professional development through carefully selecting every detail to encourage productivity, innovation, and motivation.  

Develop your communication skills 

Many people find communication skills difficult to develop, despite effective communication being more important than ever with flexible working being part of today’s “norm”, with many teams working across different offices, from home or adopting a hybrid approach. 

Communication in the workplace is an integral part of team collaboration and cooperation which contributes to both company and personal success. Its essential in achieving full productivity and maintaining a strong workforce. 

Make the most out of your meetings 

Day-to-day meetings can take up a lot of time and energy, and when used ineffectively, they can decrease productivity and leave little time for the work in hand.  

Only 50% of meeting time is considered effective, but at 11 Waterloo Place we tailor our meeting rooms to be a smart and productive space, encouraging your staff and business to thrive. Take a look at out our top tips to help you make sure your meetings are as effective as possible here. (I will hyper link this to our other news article). 

Improve your work-life balance 

Having a good work-life balance is the foundation to maximum efficiency, productivity and motivation. Not only is it important for your physical and mental wellbeing, but its beneficial to a business too. Take a step back and ensure that you’re making time for yourself!  

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