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Going green: Tips for creating an environmentally friendly office

As individuals, we can all do our part to protect the environment, and that includes making our workplace more sustainable. Here are 11 Waterloo Place’s top tips to help your office be a little kinder to our environment:

Conserve energy: Encourage employees to turn lights and electronics off when not in use, and consider installing energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems.

Think before you print: A big fixture of any office is a printer, but it does have a tendency to be overused. Reducing your printing can help you cut down on paper usage, save energy and minimise waste. Plus, it is a great way to save costs too!

Find sustainable alternatives: Look for office supplies and furnishings that are made from sustainable materials and choose eco-friendly cleaning products where possible.

Encourage green commuting: Encourage employee to walk, bike, car share or take public transport to work, reducing their carbon footprint.

Educate and involve employees: Make sustainability a team effort by educating employees about the importance or environmental protection and encourage them to suggest new ideas and participate in sustainability initiatives.

By making small changes in the office, we can all contribute to a healthier planet with a bright future. Let’s work together to create a more sustainable world, one workplace at a time.

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