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Meet the tenant: Cleo Barnes

For our third issue of our ‘meet the tenant’ series, we got in touch with Cleo Barnes, a Relational Therapist who chose 11 Waterloo Place as an office to call her own...

Tell us more about your business…

I formed the business seven years ago and provide relational counselling and coaching to individuals, couples, professionals as well as groups. I specialise as a relational therapist and can help individuals who feel stuck or overwhelmed in their relationships at home or within the workplace or those who want to improve their overall well-being and quality of life.

How would your clients describe your company?

I hope they would describe me as professional, but approachable and accessible. That is really important in the space I operate in. Over the years we have become more in touch with our emotions and mental wellbeing in the workplace, and taking care of yourself is something you should be really proud of. For my clients, I can provide a really good experience in a welcoming environment, with a service that feels personal to them.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Being with people. I love finding that moment together that helps them to know what they need to do to improve their wellbeing, move their careers forward, or resolve an issue in their relationship. It is a really rewarding job.

What was the reason behind your office move?

I have had offices before but it had always been in a shared space, and never my own. As someone who is local to Leamington and used to base the business very close to 11 Waterloo Place, I knew I wanted to remain in the area. I used to work as a lecturer at Warwickshire College and University Centre, but I am now focusing my energies on the business and expanding, so my own office space was a natural progression.

Why did you choose 11 Waterloo Place?

I love everything about the space here. First and foremost, the building is gorgeous. But it is also a more professional setting which caters to a wider range of clients. I just get a wow factor whenever I come to work and when clients are sitting here it feels quiet and tranquil. When you are helping people, the environment is a really important factor.

What are your three favourite things about 11 Waterloo Place?

The location is perfect for clients as it is so close to the town centre and train station, and parking is really convenient. My office is also a light, airy space, and that allows me to provide a really rounded service both to my individual clients and corporate teams.

How would you spend an afternoon in Leamington town centre?

I like to take my dog for a walk around Jephson Gardens and Victoria Park, and sit and have a coffee outside. There is plenty of choice here in Leamington, but Bar Angeli and Warwick Street Kitchen are two of my favourites!

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