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Meet the tenant: Aveleen Rose Entertainment

For the next issue of our 'meet the tenant' series, we caught up with Corina Sabou, founder of Aveleen Rose Entertainment, who offers a variety of services from music composition and choreography, to film production, art direction and fashion design, to talk about working at 11 Waterloo Place...

Tell us more about your business…

When I created my company, I wanted to be able to do everything that I dreamed of as a child, that is why we have such a variety of services on offer, from music composition and choreography, to film production, art direction and fashion design. By combining all of them we are capable to create some truly unique characters and stories, and beautiful works of art. We can provide these services separate or as a package. We also create our own content, that we intend to release and sell to the public through our own channels. An important aspect to mention about the business is that we only produce positive content, and we are interested in creating something of value and meaning for generations to come. 

How would your clients describe your company?

We exceeded expectations, are unique and different.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy conceptual work and creating strategies. I love to combine my artistic talents, with my wisdom gained through life and work experiences to bring to life something positive and unique. I also love the fact that I get to work with a variety of people with different gifts and talents, which is quite magical.

What was the reason behind your office move?

The best things in life always come from the heart space and I wanted to feel and hear the pulse of the world, outside of the hassle and bustle of London, where we were previously based. In Leamington Spa, we are surrounded by a beautiful community and extraordinary people, and I hope that this will translate into the work we do. 

Why did you choose 11 Waterloo Place?

11 Waterloo Place ticked all the boxes for me. I liked the building and the location, and the fact that it is fully-serviced just makes my work easier. I also liked the fact that I had the freedom to decorate my office in my own style, which made a big difference.

What are your three favourite things about 11 Waterloo Place?

People, location and the building. The people are wonderful, the location is perfect, it is central, with many options for restaurants, shops and caffes, and the building is pretty, with beautiful architecture and interior design.

How would you spend an afternoon in Leamington town centre?

I am still discovering Leamington, but I would probably have a walk along river Leam, sit on a bench in Victoria Park or Jephson Gardens and just enjoy nature. Then, I would probably watch a good movie at Vue Cinema. There’s lots to do!

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