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Meet the tenant: Ai Accounts

In the final instalment of our 'meet the tenant' series, we caught up with our newest tenant, Ai Accounts, to talk about why they moved from remote working to an office and the things they love about 11 Waterloo Place...

Tell us more about your business…

Ai Accounts formed in 2020 and provides specialist accountant and business consultant services, although we aren’t a traditional accountancy practice.

We are more like a business’ internal finance function, transforming their operation with systemisation, tech stacks and automation to give business owners financial data to help them make informed decisions in scaling their business.

How would your clients describe your company?

We are perceived by clients to be more like team members than an external service. We’re professional, available, knowledgeable and driven to help their company succeed.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Helping business owners maximise their potential for their company and seeing them scale up.

What was the reason behind your office move?

We like to work collaboratively, so the option to have a base where we can all work from, share ideas and build a team culture was key in our decision making to move into offices, having previously all worked remotely.

Why did you choose 11 Waterloo Place?

The convenient location and the impressive building!

What are your three favourite things about 11 Waterloo Place?

We love the architecture of the building, the fit-out of the offices, and the team that run 11 Waterloo Place. It’s a great base to work from.

How would you spend an afternoon in Leamington town centre?

Visiting one of the many great cafés followed by a walk around Jephson Gardens.

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