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Moving to new surroundings: Experience the benefits of a neutral venue

At 11 Waterloo Place, we know how valuable privacy, productivity and inclusivity are when it comes to hiring meeting rooms away from your familiar work environment.

Access to a neutral space provides the security and mutual understanding when meeting with external clients or colleagues, levelling out any factors that conflict with working in a main office.

Discover how 11 Waterloo Place can help you level up your next meeting.

Equal Ground & Impartiality

A neutral meeting space provides a level playing field for all participants and eliminates the potential perception of favouritism associated with meeting in someone's office or a specific department, fostering a sense of impartiality.

This is crucial in a corporate setting where hierarchy and organizational structures may influence dynamics. When everyone is on neutral ground, it can contribute to a more open and collaborative atmosphere, encouraging equal participation and idea-sharing among team members.

Enhanced Focus & Productivity

11 Waterloo Place is specifically designed for collaboration, ensuring focus and productivity. Our meeting spaces are equipped with the necessary tools and technologies, such as audiovisual equipment and collaborative tools, that facilitate effective communication and decision-making.

Being away from the usual work environment also minimizes distractions and interruptions, allowing participants to concentrate on the agenda at hand.

Inclusivity & Team Building

Businesses are made up of diverse teams, and a neutral meeting space can contribute to inclusivity. Holding meetings in a space that is not associated with a particular team or individual helps to create a sense of unity and belonging. It prevents any team from feeling left out, promoting a more inclusive corporate culture.

Additionally, such neutral spaces can serve as a venue for team-building activities, conjuring stronger interpersonal relationships among team members, which can positively impact collaboration and overall team dynamics.

Accessibility & Local Amenities

Leamington Spa is the ideal neutral location to hire within the Midlands area due to its excellent public transport and accessibility. With well-connected train and bus services, your team and clients can reach the meeting venue hassle-free.

Moreover, the presence of vibrant local bars and restaurants adds a touch of convenience, providing the perfect setting for post or pre-meeting discussions or informal networking sessions, enhancing the overall business experience.

Take advantage of a first-class meeting venue at your fingertips and add impact to your next meeting at 11 Waterloo Place.

Contact us today to explore the opportunities that are not to be missed!

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